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Lose Weight in 5 Foods!

Summer has rolled around and some of us are still cramming the crunches to get our desired beach body. 

It feels like everybody that has their desired beach body can see right through us last-minute crammers. They look at us condescendingly. It’s very irksome, to put it kindly!

To top it off, there are so many success stories about weight loss out there… It makes you want to jump right in and just get it over with. To get those ripped abs or flat belly. It’s a tough urge to overcome.
But, as we all know, with a diet comes restriction. You don’t get to eat the foods that you want. It’s horrid. It’s the nightmare of 70% of the world’s population!

But, I’m here to give you a personal success story.

Another but, one of my good friends, Stacy, strongly  recommended this product. She told me countless stories of success like a child being read a fairy tale. At first I was was ashamed to have been lured in, but I soon shook that negativity.

Stacy’s tales, for some strange reason, reminded me of the stories of Atlantis. Where the roads are made of gold.

When I wrapped my mind on this diet and finally tried it out, I truly saw this as the road made of gold. The path to my success. The loss of all my unnecessary belly fat. The underground railroad to my shirtless freedom.

This ray of hope came with a name. A name of great power and authority. This name being: The No Think Diet.

It even sounds almighty, doesn’t it?

It’s true to it’s name as well. You really don’t have to think much. You don’t even have to make yourself believe that your on a diet to destroy your morale. There is just no need for anything!

No need for anything except 5 delicious foods.

I started this diet a little under a month ago from this date: July 16th. I have really started to see the trim on my sides and belly. I’m looking fit and cut, I know it. Though, despite all that, you know what they say. We are actually uglier than we think.

But, I think that I look so good right now that even if I was 80% uglier, I could still look amazing. It’s all thanks to this “No Think Diet.”

Don’t let the Summer roll past you without hitting the beach and showing off that hot bod of yours!
Get on with the NO THINK DIET now!

I just absolutely love this diet!

Beach Bodies

I know we can all achieve our beach bodies while enjoying the foods we love. I did it, and I enjoyed every bite. So don’t waste anymore time. Get on this bandwagon now!

The Chiropractic Business

According to statistics, in 2012 chiropractors of the United States were making an annual income of $79.5k. Though due to such high demand in 2013, the average annual income of a chiropractor is a massive sum of $132k!

So, as you can see, chiropractors have the potential to make a HUGE annual income. Though don’t go jumping into the niche blinded by the wage! There are many factors that you must consider that can drastically affect how much your annual income will be as a chiropractor.

Those being:

  • Location, Location, Location.
    Location is vital to any business, but in the chiropractic niche, it is especially important. There are approximately 27,740 chiropractors registered in the United States. That means, by dividing 27,740 by each of the 50 states, you should consider being able to take on at least 555 other chiropractors per state, if not even more.
    Some locations; states, cities; have less chiropractors than others, of course, so pick wisely!
  • Your Skill.
    Naturally, this is a given. If you’re good, you’ll attract more clients. Everybody wants a painless session and pleasant chiropractic care experience!
    But there are also more factors you must consider:
  1. The amount of time it takes you to treat one client,
  2. How well you treat them (so they are wanting to come back), and
  3. If you’re more of the slow-but-super-amazing types, then you need to be good enough to be able to charge more money for your time to compensate for the overtime lost. Meaning, if you spend two hours with a client, and are charging “per session,” then you must be good enough to be able to charge them for double the average amount for a normal session (assuming a normal session is 1 hour).
  • Self-employment.
    Of course, owning your own business can greatly increase your average annual salary as a chiropractor. Working for somebody earns you a percentage. Working solo or in a partnership allows you to keep what your earn 100%, so naturally, this would be the most effective way to maximize your annual income.

If you get all this down, then you are in the top 90% of annual salary income for chiropractors! Yes, if this percentage doesn’t show you how tough this niche can be, then I don’t know what will! But if you stick to common sense, you should be able to beat out your competitors, correct?

The hardest part for a chiropractor to reach a maximized annual income is getting through the learning curve and obtaining a license, gathering real-world experience under other chiropractors, and funding your own establishment. But don’t fret, no dream is too big for those willing to drive their ambition to the finish line!

The Chiropractic niche is definitely a worthy career to get into, so don’t hold back, with all things considered!


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